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Daily Disposable – Worn for one day, and discarded when you remove them.  Lenses are thinner and have highest water content typically.  The natural deposits from your eyes build up easily on the surface of contact lenses.  By replacing them daily, we can avoid many of the health risks related to extended wear.  These lenses are very appealing to active people, frequent travelers, infrequent wearers, and those simply motivated to perhaps wear a healthier lens.  Daily Disposables can correct most prescriptions including bifocal and Rx’s with astigmatism.

Bi-Weekly – Thicker than Daily Disposable lenses.  The thicker material makes them more durable and longer lasting.  They must be disinfected regularly to ensure healthy wearing. Available in an extensive range of prescriptions and are more affordable than Daily Disposables.

Monthly – Replaced monthly, thicker still than daily disposables or bi-weekly disposables.  The thicker composition renders than the most durable and longest lasting, however they must be disinfected regularly in order to ensure healthy wearing.  Most affordable and also available in an extensive range of prescriptions.

We’ve got you covered, with all the leading brands of contact lenses.  But there is so much more to how we do this;

  • Contacts just by themselves - competitive prices, online re-ordering, online exam booking, free trial lenses, onsite Fitters and Doctors;

  • As part of our everyday Designer 2 for 1 – in lieu of a second pair of glasses or sunglasses we’ll give you a $100.00 credit towards contacts with the purchase of prescription glasses.

  • In conjunction with non Rx sunglasses - we’ll take 20% off the price of any non-prescription sunglasses with the purchase of contact lenses.

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