Our Story

- the largest selection of designer eyewear anywhere in Canada.

“Someone asked me once, why we would continue to open new stores in a saturated market?”  My response was that “just because there are a lot of people doing it, that does not for a moment suggest that they’re doing it right “

Stephen McIntosh, President and Founder of the Factory Optical and Optiks International group of companies.

From humble beginnings with one location in 1999, an antiquated lens fabrication lab, three full time employees, and a vision to build a customer-focused, market-leading company, The Factory Optical Group has evolved to 25 retail locations in Western Canada. Our locations now have onsite Optometrists in all but one, lens fabrication labs in each, in-house digital lens surfacing, the largest dispensaries in the Country, Canada’s largest Designer 2 for 1 offer, and the fastest growing Rx safety eyewear company in Canada.  

Award winning, and customer obsessed, we build beautiful, huge stores, staff them with the best that the market can provide, and wake up every morning pretending that we are just one small store. 

We are a “chain of neighbourhood stores.”  The “chain” component of this position conveys our focus on leveraging buying power and technology, implementing efficiencies and big company thinking, and passing the savings onto their customers in the form of the Country’s largest everyday Designer 2 for 1 offer.  The “neighbourhood store” element, is to remind us that there is a different feel to a locally owned retail operation than there is to a larger chain.  A better feel. A feel where it seems that the people care more. In spite of our growth, we endeavor to remember our customers and we have empowered our staff to operate every day as if they owned the store.  In other words, to operate every store as a neighbourhood store.