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Through a professional video chat platform, your eyewear consultant will showcase personalized suggestions from our wide assortment of fashionable and affordable frames. They will also ensure your frames are matched with Canadian-made lenses that fit your prescription.

We understand that new glasses are a commitment, which is why we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely happy with your selection, we provide 90 days to return your glasses and find a style that you are happy with.

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All glasses prescriptions require a Pupillary Distance (PD). A prescription missing entries for SPH, CYL, Axis, and ADD may mean you do not require that type of correction. *Please note that if you have previously purchased eyewear from us, we have this information on file and you can leave these fields blank*
OD (Right)
OS (Left)
Step 1. Find a millimeter ruler for measurements and a mirror or a friend. If using a mirror, try to look into the distance as you measure. If a friend is taking your measurements, try to look past them into the distance to avoid the result being too narrow. Step 2. Hold the ruler against the bridge of your nose and line up the middle of your left pupil with the 0 line of the ruler. You can now measure the distance between your pupils! Step 3. Measure across to the middle of your right pupil, still looking into the distance. Your PD should be between 46 and 74. Repeat these steps 2 to 3 times to get a consistent number. Note that PD is measured in millimeters. If your ruler is in centimeters, you can convert it online, but don’t measure your PD in inches. It might result in a wrong conversion and your measurement won’t be accurate. If you measure your PD the wrong way, you won’t have the right lens placement.
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