Corporate Partners

We are blessed to call a number of companies with whom we deal, “partners”.  In consideration of their collective patronage, we provide their employees, members, or subscribers, with access to 1 of 2 (or both)  of the Corporate Programs that we have designed;

  1. Any Promotion, Any Time (“APAT”);

  2. Prescription Safety Eyewear.

Any Promotion, Any Time Offer

Our Any Promotion, Any Time Offer is founded on two simple premises – people like a deal, and people don’t want to be inconvenienced in receiving that deal.  To that end, we have taken our most popular promotions, and given our Partners access to them, any time throughout the year. Sound intriguing? Contact us below, to learn how your employer or group might enroll.

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Prescription Safety Eyewear

Our Prescription Safety eyewear Program is unlike anything else out there.  The best product at the best price, with custom-designed delivery – through our wholly owned retail locations, through our Agency Network in geographies in which we do not maintain our own stores, or for larger contracted companies, under an agreed-upon schedule of on-site fitting and dispensing.  We will actually provide one of our specially trained Opticians to visit your site and service your people there. In all instances, employers can customize their suite of eligible safety frames and lens specifications – traditional fitting CSA approved frames, or close fitting and sealed. All prescription lenses are digitally manufactured for optimum visual acuity and impact resistance.  Contact us below, to learn how we might provide you our solution;

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Our Corporate Partners

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