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Working With CSA and ANSI

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) are the national bodies that set minimum standards of acceptance for everything from acoustics to plastics to safety equipment in their respective countries. These standards are used by many industries and by government to determine whether a product or equipment is safe for use in its particular application.

These standards set a minimum requirement for the quality of frames and lenses (Eye and Face Protectors) that must be used. These standards dictate the way the frame components are produced, the materials used, the thickness and impact resistance of the lenses, the optical quality and level of aberrations that are acceptable, and much more.

After CSA and ANSI set the standards for products and equipment, it is up to separate government bodies to determine which of the standards they require as minimums to apply to products their groups will use. For example, Occupational Health and Safety, sets out which CSA and ANSI standards must be met at a minimum for the personal protective equipment workers use on job sites in Canada and the USA. There are National OH&S Regulations as well as individual Provincial OH&S Regulations that set out province specific stipulations. For example, in Alberta’s OH&S regulations it states; “229(2.3) Despite subsection (2), prescription safety eyewear may consist of frames that meet the requirements of ANSI Standard Z87.2-2003, Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices provided the lenses meet the requirements of CSA Standard Z94.3-07, Eye and Face Protectors.” This means that in Alberta, OH&S Regulations state that your prescription eyewear meets minimum safety requirements if the frames meet the standards set out in ANSI Z87.2-2003 and the lenses meet the standards set out in CSA Z94.3-07. It is CSA and ANSI that dictate what the requirements in standards Z94.3-07 and Z87.2-2003 actually are.

Thanks to the standards set by CSA and ANSI and the regulations set out by government as to which standards apply to which uses of the products, you the consumer can rest assured that as long as the wearer is following prescribed protocol, their safety eyewear will meet these standards and therefore their risk of harm is greatly reduced. The proper use of the product is also key to its ability to protect.

At F.O. Safety Eyewear, we work hard to be familiar with all aspects of CSA, ANSI and OH&S as they relate to prescription and non-prescription safety eyewear. These regulations and standards can be difficult to read and understand so we pride ourselves on being there as support for you in determining what safety eyewear is necessary for your application. Our knowledge and understanding of these matters allows us to assure you that the eyewear you are getting from us meets these standards and regulations. This leads to decreased workplace injuries, decreased workers compensation claims and more satisfied employees, all of which lead to greater profits.