Our suite of frames run the full gamut of what is required in the workplace. Our broad selection of OnGuard ™ frames offer familiar style and comfort, and we are constantly reviewing our offering to ensure that we are carrying the top models available within this line, and that the models we carry address the widest variety of workers needs and fits.

More recently, industry has turned toward the use of Sealed and Close-Fitting eyewear. Sealed eyewear protects your workers from flying debris, smoke, spraying fluids, glare, and wind. We offer a large collection of uniquely stylish sealed and close-fitting frames from Wiley X ™ – a supplier to the US military. In the first year of mandating sealed eyewear on their worksites, clients have seen a reduction in these types of eye injuries of fully 80%, resulting in a significant cost savings.



The advent of the Digital prescription lens has been perhaps the single greatest advancement to occur in the optical business in 40 years, offering vastly superior optics, and greatly minimizing distortion. Digital lenses are all we do at F.O. Safety, and we do them at the same price, or better, than our competitors do non-digital lenses. In addition, the lenses provided in all of our safety eyewear packages are polycarbonate and hard-coated, ensuring the most impact resistant lens available, while minimizing unnecessary weight and thickness.

All our product is finished in our own state-of-the-art lab, which allows us to bring product to market more cost effectively than any of our competitors and provides our clients faster delivery with more direct quality control. Our lab staff are specially trained to ensure that all lenses are mounted into the frames following all CSA Z94.3-17 specifications.