Safety Eyewear FAQ

Why are digital lenses preferred?

The advent of the digital or Free Form lens, may represent the single greatest “Sea Change” the retail optical industry has experienced in 50 years.  By dealing exclusively in these lenses, FO Safety Eyewear is assuring the User the widest visual corridors, the maximum flexibility in corridor structure, and vastly enhanced visual acuity.  This all becomes even more important, with Closed Fitting and Sealed Eyewear where lenses are “wrapped”.

How at the price, can F.O. Safety Eyewear provide such high quality digital lenses?

We can afford to. FO Safety Eyewear and its retail-based sister companies collectively, buy enough lenses, build enough lenses, and sell enough lenses, to have justified them in establishing their own Free Form digital lens manufacturing laboratory, some 7 years ago.  The comparative benefits of which continue on today and will, indefinitely into the future.

Why do I need to be fit by an Optician?

In 9 of 10 Canadian Provinces, the dispensing of prescription eyewear by non-licensed people, is deemed a prohibited act.  Licensed Opticians have been trained and educated to interpret prescriptions and their impact on lens size and shape, and by extension, corresponding frame selection.  They have been trained to dispense product properly, to assure proper fit.  To sell online, or to entrust non-Licensed personnel to perform this act is not only a violation, but represents in our estimate, a grave disservice to the Wearer.

What are the benefits of F.O. Safety Eyewear using their own locations and staff to fit and dispense their product?

There are many advantages that come with F.O. Safety Eyewear using our own staff and retail locations. One of the most important is the quality control of the product and the service that this allows us to guarantee. We have personally trained each of our staff and they each have a vested interest in the success of the safety eyewear program. This ensures that they truly understand the product, are fully comfortable with all aspects of the program and do all they can to ensure your employees receive exactly what they need/want while maximizing their vison and therefore their safety.

Are safety frames one size fits all?

Safety frames are not one size fits all at all. We at F.O. Safety Eyewear have spent much time and effort researching what types of frames are required to fit as broad a range of face shapes, prescriptions and needs as possible. As a result we came up with our suite of 45 frames. These 45 frames were selected with much care and attention to our client’s needs and wants. We worked very hard to offer as expansive of a selection as possible to ensure we can provide a good fit to as many of your employees as possible without getting so broad a selection that it becomes redundant and/or that the employees become overwhelmed in selecting. The suite of frames we offer have also provided us the ability to greatly simplify our pricing structure so that our clients are not filtering through lists and lists of products trying to determine what they may need and/or are willing to pay for.

On top of this, we train each and every one of our staff on the importance of a really good fit when it comes to safety glasses. If the frame selection process is not consultative, the employee may choose something too big, too small, or something that results in his prescription not working effectively. Each of these problems can result in much bigger problems for the employee and can even potentially render their safety eyewear unsafe.

Is after-service care really required?

After service care is not technically required by any specific law. However, we at F.O. Safety Eyewear have seen over the years, just how important it is to the success of any prescription safety eyewear program. It is through this after service care that we can help identify and resolve any issues or concerns the wearer or user may be experiencing. We want to ensure our clients are happy with our product and service at all intervals of the process so that our clients remain our clients. It is relatively easy to sell a company a product once, but it is much harder to maintain their loyalty if you do not ever see them except when there is money to be made. The level of service we provide is second to none and comes with no additional fees. We work with you and your employees to make sure that we have done everything we can to maximize their vision and their safety.