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Save $100 with a valid prescription this month and share the 2nd pair.

Making Back to School Easier!

Any frame. Any style. Single Vision. Progressive. Hi-Index. Save $100!

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Optiks International - 2 for 1 + $100 off
Factory Optical - 2 for 1 + $100 off

The Fine Print

A few details

*Cannot be used in conjuncton with any other offer or promotion
*We try to keep our promotions simple so we will leave it at this: please feel free to share your free pair and use a second prescription for your free pair, however, the discount will only be applied to the first pair. Please see 2 for 1 details below.

Our Everyday 2 for 1 Offer

In every store, there are 1,000's of frames to pick from for your first and second pair. For your first pair, you can pick any frame from the entire store's selection. Up to 5,000 different frames including some of the best prestige frame product available such as Tiffany, Dior, Prada, Gucci, Boss, Armani and Oakley.

As we noted, there are some restrictions that do apply. For your second frame, you can pick from any of our 1,000's of designer frames, or one of our prestige frames. In order to dispense the prestige brands, we must adhere to their licensing restrictions which prohibit us from giving away certain brands for free as a second pair. They can be your first pair, but in order to also be your second pair, we must charge our customer to cover the costs. They are then discounted as a second pair, but not free.

If contact lenses are the route you would like to take for your second pair, we can make that happen. Like our frames there are some restrictions to these. The free contact lens covers a six month prescription of monthly spherical contact lenses. We offer anything beyond that at a discounted cost for you.

On the lens side, your second pair of lenses are free, regardless of whether the prescription is the same, or the required lens is single vision, progressive or even high index.

Sunglasses are also an option for the second pair, offering you a discounted frame with a free prescription lens. There are a few brand restrictions within this offer.