Try Before You Buy

Take them home; Share a Selfie; Decide with Confidence

Make an all-day fashion statement that speaks boldly…

Try it on; Take a Selfie; Take it home overnight

  • We provide you two complete pairs of prescription glasses for the price of one.
  • We order in products for you to try on, show friends, take selfies.  Infact, we encourage you to share your selfies!
  • We let you take frames home to show people before you commit. Please see store for details.

  • It’s just one of the ways we are doing things differently.

    We’re not happy if you’re not happy.

    (Oh, and if you don’t look good in your glasses we don't look good!)

  • Buy one complete pair of prescription glasses, and receive the second complete pair at no charge.
  • Progressive lenses at no charge? Sure.
  • Digital lenses at no charge? You bet.
  • Up to 5,000 Designer frames in-store to select your free second frame. Right again.
  • No restrictions on the first frame - Tiffany, Boss, Prada, Oakley, Kate Spade, Ray-Ban... Go for it!
  • Share the second pair? Again, why not?
  • Bring a spouse, child, sibling or friend. The second pair does not need to be the same Rx.
  • Contact lenses as a free second pair instead of glasses? Yes, again.
  • Prescription sunglasses as second pair instead? Yes, yes!

  • We challenge you to compare.

    We do have licensing restrictions on specific frame lines as free second pairs, so while they may not be free, they will be discounted significantly, if you chose them as your second pair.  

    We can honestly say that we have not come across an offer anywhere that comes close to what we do everyday.