Pure Labs

The greatest technological advancement in eyewear.

For the highest quality digital lens available.

You’ve never seen anything like this.

At Factory Optical and Optiks International, we don’t treat lenses as an “after-thought” in an eyewear decision.

In fact the opposite is true. In response, we made a decision in 2011 to stay ahead of the technological curve and build PureLab DLC – a state of the art digital lens manufacturing facility, with Satis Loh hardware and Shamir Optical lens design – the gold standards in the eyewear industry.  It now affords us the ability to literally sell digital lenses at the same price we used to sell non-digital lenses.

What is a digital lens?

Without getting too complicated, a digital lens (Or FreeForm(TM)) is a lens with less rigid prescriptive corridors, allowing for a broader range of vision. These are incredibly effective in progressive lenses. Also, by surfacing the prescription on the inside curve of the lens as opposed to the outside as is the case in non-digital lens product, the gain in proximity to our eye greatly enhances visual acuity. The result? A significantly improved prescription lens. So then why do so few retailers sell digital lenses? The equipment necessary to manufacture it is millions of dollars, and for the production to be cost effective, a retailer needs to be able to run hundreds of thousands of lenses through their system annually, so the answer as to why a store does not sell digital lenses?  Because they can’t.

For lens upgrades and coatings, we do it all.

All the indexes for high – plus and minus prescriptions; poly-carbonate for lighter and more scratch resistance; and CR 39 for regular lenses. We also recognize that no two customers are the same, so we give you choices when it comes to how you purchases your lens coatings.

  • A-la-Carte – a menu that features 3 Anti-Coatings including our Easy Clean(TM) and the premium Teflon coating, different types of Transition lenses to go darker or lighter, and faster as you need, polarized sunglass lenses and almost anything else you can think of!
  • Add a Platinum, Gold or Kids Package – a bundle of coatings and discounts – to save money and better recognize your specific needs. We even put 2-year warranties on our Platinum Packages, so you don’t have to worry about a thing until your insurance is due again.